Sunday, April 22, 2012

We're Baaack! :-)

If you follow my blog, you probably read my last post about preparing to leave the girls with my in-laws for a week.  Well, we're back and everyone survived!  In fact, we did better than just surviving.  My in-laws said the girls were great.  They behaved, cooperated in the mornings, got their homework done, made to their extracurricular activities, and didn't seem to miss us at all.  When we got back, the house was sparkling clean (Thanks, MawMaw!) and we were showered with lots of sweet hugs and kisses.

As for DW and me, we had a FABULOUS time!!!  The trip was a reward trip from his company that is given each year to the top 2% of their global salesforce.  Aside from enjoying the trip, I am one proud wifey!  We spent four days at the Breakers resort in WestPalm Beach, Fla.  (You know it is a swanky place when you pull up in the motorcoach from the airport and see in the parking lot an assortment of Porsches, Maseratis, Ferraris, and Bentleys.)  As I began writing this post, I tried to come up with something profound and enlightening to share with you, but it wasn't really profound - It was just FUN! We meet some new people, had some new experiences, ate some amazing food, and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  Here are some highlights:

The Hotel
The Driveway

The Main Building

A Flower Arrangement inside - All real flowers

The Food

A Decadent Chocolate Dessert that was served at one of our dinners

The crab cakes we ate and learned how to make during a cooking class

A Key Lime Tart - Yum!

Blues Brothers impersonators from the 70's & 80's concert

Kayaking on the Intercoastal Waterway

Me pretending I made the beautiful dish of crab cakes that were actually prepared by the chef in our cooking class

Heading to the Beach!

The Scenery

The Beach

Two of the pools overlooking the ocean where we relaxed and soaked up the sun!

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Krissy Miller said...

Okay, I remember you writing a post about how you were hesitant about wearing a bathing suit for this trip. So did you just get really healthy and work out like crazy? because I think you look great!!

terri said...

Ahh...looks heavenly. Are you ready to do it again??? Talk about an incentive program!

Lisa Witherspoon said...

Thanks! I wrote that post in January and I actually did lose about 10 pounds before the trip. Of course, I gained back 4 or 5 with all that wonderful food, but it was worth it! :)

Lisa Witherspoon said...

Oh I would LOVE to do it again!!!

Sweet Carolina Grace said...

What an awesome trip! Congrats to the hubby on being in the Top 2%, again!

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