Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Happy Ballerina

Yesterday, Emily had her first dance class.  This may seem pretty par for the course for a mom with three daughters.  For this mom, though, it wasn't that easy.  You see, dance is way out of my comfort zone.  The make up, costumes, and recitals are just too much for me, personally.  
(Please know that I am not being judgmental of anyone else here. My sister-in-law actually owns a dance studio in my home town and I have tons of friends and relatives with daughters in dance class.  I'm just saying it is something that I am not comfortable with.)

In fact, I find it difficult to accept that none of my girls show interest in competitive team sports.  In high school, I played tennis, basketball, and softball.  I was certainly not the team superstar, but those activities are what I know - where I'm comfortable.
Rachel actually played softball for one season and was very good at it, but she didn't enjoy it.  She, however, loves horseback riding and gymnastics.  Other than horseback riding, Megan has shown very little interest in any extracurricular activities.  Any interest she does show quickly fades.
Then there's Emily.  She is absolutely the girliest of this bunch of Witherspoon girls.  She loves all things princess and pink.  Se loves dressing up in sparkly, flowy dresses.So, I suppose it should have come as no surprise when Emily said she wanted to be a ballerina and asked to take a dance class.

As parents, it is our job to teach our children and mold them.  However, we are not molding them to be clones of ourselves.  We have to realize that they are individuals.  God has given each of them unique personalities, talents, and gifts that are sometimes very different from our own.  By recognizing and embracing their differences, we become better equipped to help them reach their full potential - whatever that may be.  Believe me, though, that is often much easier said than done!

After Emily's class, I got lots of hugs and "thank-you's."  As I put her to bed last night, she asked if, when she is 6, I could please sign her up for the "next level" of dance class.  Seeing her joy helps me know that it is the right thing for her, even if it is not for me.

When you ask any loving parent "what is your greatest wish for your child(ren)?" the answer is almost always some version of "I want them to be happy."  Dance may not be in my comfort zone, but Emily sure was one happy ballerina!!! 

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Tara said...

My kids are younger than yours (4 years and 17 months) but this topic of discussion has started popping up every now and then between my husband and I. I'd be lying if I didn't say I don't have hopes my kids will love swimming (like I did for so many years)...I try to remind myself that when the time comes, I need to be supportive of whatever interests they have. Good for you:)

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