Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shout out for Megan

If you have read my last few posts, you know about the birthday bonanza that we have every August.  David's birthday is on the 6th, Rachel is on the 9th, and Emily is on the 11th.

Two weekends ago, on the 4th, we had Rachel's party.  The very next day, we headed to a family reunion with my side of the family and did more celebrating for all three of the birthdays.  Last weekend, we had Emily's party on Saturday morning (the 11th) then, a family cookout with David's side of the family and more birthday celebrating on Saturday evening.  Don't forget to throw in all the running errands for party supplies, cupcake baking and decorating, and grab bag packaging and, well, there's been a lot of attention given to the two birthday girls lately.

Now, put yourself in Megan's shoes.  She's had two weeks watching her sisters get gifts, have parties, and be lavished with "happy birthdays."  How has she handled it all??  Spectacularly!!!  In fact, Megan has always handled it very well.  She is already the middle child and, perhaps, a little too used to not being the center of attention.  Every August, I am amazed that she doesn't whine, doesn't complain, and happily attends each and every birthday celebration.  She willingly fades into the background and give her sisters their time to shine.  So, this blog post is a little shout out to Megan and a note of gratitude from this mommy who is really proud of her middlest kiddo! :-)

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Martha said...

That is impressive! Both of my sisters had their birthday in the same month and I always liked having a month "all to myself!"

You must be exhausted, though! That's a whole lot of partying!

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