Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Ten - Pinterest Recipes

I enjoy cooking when I have time and when I can find a recipe that the majority of my crew will eat (which is VERY hard to do!).  In fact, recipes are one of the main things I look at on Pinterest.  I thought for today's Tuesday Ten, I would share some recipes I found on Pinterest that I have tried and some that I would like to try.

Have you tried any Pintertest Recipes??  Got any you want to try soon??  If so, grab a button and link up!!
Tuesday Ten on The Golden Spoons
  1. I tried this recipe for Bang Bang Chicken.  It was pretty good, however I was a little scared of the Siracha so I only put in a few drops.  Therefore, my version was definitely missing some bang!  I didn't do the skewers, either.  I just put it all in the skillet and served it over rice.
  2. Here's a recipe for Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff that I have tried.  When I make it, I use stew meat. It's pretty good!  In fact, it's on the menu again this week. :-)
  3. Doesn't this Peanut Butter Trifle look yummy??  Well, it is!  I made it once for a family gathering and everyone enjoyed it immensely.
  4. I also made this BBQ Pulled Pork.  I made two adjustments.  The only pork butt I could find was a six pounder so I went with a couple pork loins that totaled about 2.5 pounds.  I also intended to sub Coke Zero for the Diet Pepsi, but I didn't have either so I just didn't use any liquid.  I served it on sandwiches and I thought they were great.  Hubby likes spicy and thought these were a little too sweet, so next time I might use a different BBQ sauce.
  5. I've also made these Sesame Noodles from Ree Drummond quite a few times.  The first time I made them, I thought they were a little too oily (Sorry, Ree!).  Now, I just cut back to two tablespoons of canola oil.
  6. I think this Spicy Tuscan Soup looks delicious.  However, I haven't made it yet because a) my hubby isn't crazy about soup, b) my oldest is a vegetarian, and c) my two youngest daughters would think the sausage is spicy.  So pretty much, I would have a whole pot full of soup for myself.

  7. I haven't made this one yet either because, despite the fact that I am really trying hard to lose a few more pounds, I am certain it would sit in the refrigerator calling my name until i scraped the pan clean.  Therefore, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake will have to wait until I have an occasion to share it with many others people.
  8. It's almost time for strawberry picking.  Once we get a big bunch of fresh berries, this Strawberry Yogurt Cake will most certainly be made.  (It's got yogurt AND strawberries - that make it healthy, right?)
  9. I'm a fan of ricotta cheese and pasta and spinach, so these Spinach Ricotta Shells look delicious and easy.  They will definitely be on the menu soon (even though only the hubs and I will eat them, I'm sure).
  10. With summer coming up in a hurry, this Sangria recipe looks super refreshing.  I love that it uses moscato and that there is a non-alcoholic version!
Hey, while you're cruising Pinterest, you can follow me and check out all the recipes I've pinned!  Just click here!

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Megan said...

Bookmarked! Can't wait to try the Bang Bang Chicken recipe. Perfect for my Siracha-crazy hubby. :)

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