Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Ten - Things I Like About Myself

By now, you have all probably seen this Youtube video from Dove.

If not, you should definitely watch it.  In it, several women describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist who draws them.  Then, strangers describe the same women to the same artist who draws them again.  The differences between the two pictures are striking and point how how negatively most women view themselves.  The video really got me wondering what my two pictures would look like.

This is something I struggle with every day.  For many years, most of them during my adolescence, I struggled with psoriasis.  (I wrote a little about that here, but it is not something I talk about very often.)  Thanks, to pregnancy, the psoriasis is gone, but the lack of a positive self image remains.  However, I am trying really hard to work on that for my own sake and that of my three daughters.  My favorite post ever is Lessons I Want To Teach My Daughters.  In that post, #3 tells them to "Be Confident In Yourself."  They can't learn that if I can't model it.

So, with all that being said, I thought that for this week's Tuesday Ten I would challenge myself to list ten things I like about myself.  (Perhaps not surprisingly, it was difficult to find ten things.  I started out trying to focus on physical attributes, but got stuck after about five, so I included several personality traits as well.)  I am challenging all of you to do this, too.  If you are a blogger, link up and let us hear it.  If you are not a blogger or even a writer, do it anyway.  I would love it if you posted it in the comments section on the blog, but if you aren't comfortable with that, just write it down for yourself.  Hopefully, it will be a small step for us to stop focusing on the negatives and start finding the positives!

Tuesday Ten on The Golden Spoons

Tuesday Ten - Ten Things I Like About Me
  1. I like my hair.  I think it is a nice color and it's all natural.  In fact, I've never had it colored - ever.  It's also a good thickness and is pretty manageable.
  2. I have a small waist.  If clothes fit just right and accentuate my waist properly,  I have that "elusive" hourglass figure.
  3. I like the color of my eyes.  They are mostly blue, but have a little green in them, too. 
  4. I am a nice height - not too short, not too tall.
  5. Ironically, now that psoriasis is gone, I like my skin.  It has a nice creamy tone and works well with almost any color.
  6. I am very organized.  It has gotten much harder over the past few years as our schedules have gotten busier and busier, but I still manage to keep it all together somehow!
  7. I don't throw like a girl!  Thanks to my dad, I can throw a baseball/softball and shoot a basketball properly.  You won't get weak, girly throws from me!
  8. I am resourceful.  You see that Tuesday Ten button up there with the html code underneath??  Well, I know NOTHING about computer code.  I took me over an hour, but I did some research and figured it out.  Now I have that cute little button to add to all of these posts!!  I've made a blog button for my sidebar and figured out how to add those little social media icons in the upper right corner as well - and, most importantly, THEY WORK!!!!
  9. I am a good writer.  I started this blog because I've always liked  to write, but just liking something doesn't automatically make you good at it.  I get frequent compliments about my writing and have confidence in my ability.
  10.  I am compassionate.  I care about other people.  I want to take in all the stray animals.  I like to help.
O.K.  Truthfully, that felt good, but really, really weird!!  Why does saying nice things about yourself have to be uncomfortable?
Now it's your turn.  Link up your blog post, write your list in the comments, or just keep it to your self - but do it! :-)

Next Week's TuesdayTen Topic: Ten Things I Learned From My Mom
(Remember, May 12th is Mother's Day!)


Martha said...

Good for you! What a great post. I'm the most impressed with your computer skills!!! I am a complete computer incompetent. What is this blog hop? Do I have to do a top ten list, too? Or is it just a connection?

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks, Martha! I certainly don't consider myself tech savvy, but you can find out how to do just about anything on Google!

Originally, I had hoped others would write their list of Ten based on the same topic as me and then link up that post. If you wanted to, thou, you could also link up another similar post if you already have one. When you click on the link, it will ask you for the URL of the web page you wan tot link. Just copy & paste it in. It is pretty simple. Then, when people come to my blog & click on your link they will be taken to the page on your blog that you have linked. Hope that made sense!

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