Monday, January 25, 2016

Currently . . January 2016

Back in December (2015), I wrote a "Currently" post out of desperation because I had a One Word post that needed to be published, but it had been a difficult week. Despite the sadness  surrounding that post, it was something I enjoyed writing. I think of it as a bit of a journal entry - an online diary, if you will. So, I have decided to try and do a "currently" post once a month in 2016. If you want to join me, you are welcome. I haven't made it a linkup or anything (yet!), but you can just copy the words I have used and fill in your own thoughts. You don't have to use all the words I used and/or you can substitute any others you choose! (Here is a great list.) 

Currently (5:00pm on Sunday, January 24), I am . . . . 
  • Enjoying - Some relaxing snow days at home. Thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, the kids were out of school on Friday and will be again on Monday. Some people dread snow days, but I love them. We've slept in, played board games, and just hung out together. It's been awesome and a wonderful change from how I was feeling about a week ago.

  • Feeling - Happy, relaxed.
  • Reading -The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It is SO GOOD!!! It was recommended to me by many and I'm so glad I added it to my list of books to read in 2016.
  • Listening - The last  song I downloaded are "Hello" by Adele. I'm also loving Ketih Urban's latest, "Break On Me" and Thomas Rhett's "Die A Happy Man."
  • Wearing - Yoga pants and a sweatshirt with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup on. I haven't left the house in three days, y'all!
  • Thinking - That Princess Sofia has and inordinately large head in proportion to the rest of her body.  Like I said, it's a lazy day and Emily is watching TV while I stir here typing. 
  • Wishing- I had put something in the crock pot earlier today.
  • Questioning - What I should make for dinner. I had planned to fix spaghetti, but I'm feeling lazy and thinking we might just do what I like to call a "Pantry Potpourri" in which everyone picks whatever can of soup or box of macaroni they want to fix themselves! 
  • Eating - Comfort food. Friday night we had Chicken and Dumplings. Saturday night, we had my mother in law's chili and cornbread. For lunches we've had pizza, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks. Plus, Rachel made chocolate cupcakes! Needless to say, when we thaw out, I'm going to have to hit the gym!
  • Worrying - About getting my daughter's high school applications submitted. It's crazy that going to high school is almost like going to college around here! She is applying to two different magnet high schools that require essays, transcripts, and recommendation letters!
  • Wanting - To finish this post so I can get back to my book! :-) 
  • Loving - Snow Days, snuggles, comfort food, and relaxing! 
Like I siad, I'm not making this monthly "Currently" posting a linkup (yet!), but would love for you to join me. If you write your own, leave me a link in the comments or on my Facebook Page.

What are you currently doing, thinking, feeling, or wishing? 

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