Friday, January 22, 2016


If I were a crayon, I would probably choose to be purple. Purple has always been my favorite color, though I'm not really sure why. I prefer a medium to dark hue of purple, but I also like lavender and lighter varieties. 

I'm not really sure what else I can say about my love for this particular color, so here are a few facts about purple you may or may not have already known.
  • Purple is a range of hues between red and blue, which is why you must have some red and some blue to create purple. 
  • The color purple is often associated with royalty. This is because, there is very little purple that naturally occurs in nature, so, long ago when dyes were made from natural products, purple was very difficult and expensive to create. Therefore, only the wealthy and the royal could afford purple cloth.
  • Originally, the color came from the mucus glands of a tropical sea snail known as the murex. (Gross!!!) The Latin name of the murex is purpura, which is where the word "purple" comes from. 
  • According to, purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. I'm not really sure exactly what the means, but it sounds very scientific, huh?
  • In some cultures such as Thailand and Brazil, purple is a color of mourning.
  • Purple is a very uncommon color for flags. Also according to, there are only two nations flags that contain the hue. However, according to, only one country, Dominica, uses the color in their flag.
  • The Purple Heart is a medal awarded to American soldiers for demonstrating supreme bravery.
  • The film Purple Rain, released in 1984, won an Oscar for Best Song Score. The film, The Color Purple, released in 1985, was nominated for 11 Oscars, but didn't actually win any.
  • March 26th is Purple Day. The day was created by a nine year old Canadian girl in 2008 because purple is the color that represents Epilepsy Awareness.
  • It has been said that there are no words that rhyme with "purple," but that is incorrect. "Curple" is the strap under the girth of a horse's saddle and "Hirple" means to walk with a limp. (Let it be noted, though, that if you try to type either of these rhyming words, autocorrect will repeatedly change them to "purple." Repeatedly.)
  • Samuel L. Jackson said, according again to The Fact Site, that he would only play the part of Mace Windu in Star Wars  if he could have a purple light saber.
  • New Hampshire's state bird is the purple finch.
  • Do you remember these well-known purple children's characters?


O.K. One last thing. Apparently, there actually has been some scientific-ish study regarding what your favorite color says about your personality. According to one highly reliable source (i.e., if your favorite color is purple you are:
A wee bit off, but it your own special way. People who are drawn to purple are sort of hippy-like in the way they impractically tackle the world with their utopian ideals. They tend to favor mysticism to reality, and prefer to see the world through violet-colored glasses in a way that can be difficult for those around them. It's probably best that they set up a Tarot card reading shop stat, and just get it over with already.
Um, well, that description could not possibly be farther from the truth about me. In fact, that description might actually be the complete opposite of my personality. So, who knows if color preference really has anything to do with personality. I think I'll go what the theory of purple representing royalty instead!! 
What is your favorite color and what do you think that says about your personality?

This post was written as art of the Finish The Sentence Friday Linkup and this week's sentence was "If I were a crayon . . . " hosted by Kristi and Alyssa

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