Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just Laugh

Sometimes, the only thing left to do is laugh.

This is something my hubby taught me many years ago and is a mantra that has gotten me through many frustrating situations over the last 20-ish years. I was reminded of it Sunday afternoon as I sat on the couch with my computer in my lap struggling to come up with something to write for my February Tuesday Ten Post. I've done so many of these over the past two years, it seemed everything I thought of was something I had already written. Then I though about . . . . 

10 Things I Despise About Valentine's Day . . . . . . 
10 Things I Love About????? . . . . . .
10 Reasons I Can't Think of Anything to Write Today . . . . . 
10 Reasons my Husband's snoring is going to drive me insane . . . . 

None of these seemed quite right. So, I started cruising Facebook instead hoping for some inspiration. That's when I saw a funny parenting meme that made me laugh out loud and that's when inspiration found me. 

Sometimes, the only thing left to do is laugh, so I hope these will give all of you a good laugh (or two . . . or ten) to help get you through the week!!

A very delicate balance, indeed.
And lunch. And snacks. All. the. time.

Seriously, they start asking me this before we even get home from school some days! 
anyone else hear Carrie Underwood or Randy Travis singing "I Told You So . . ." in the background?
I've said this prayer many times. Especially regarding anything related to math.
"Not My Circus; Not My Monkeys" is recently a favorite saying of my hubby's . Saw this one and just HAD to include it for him! 
I have thee kids, so I very certain this is just my face now. And, probably the reason I try to avoid mirrors.

Almost spit coffee out my nose when I read this one. 

I actually created one of these a few years ago to use in a post. Not sure if I can say the quote is all mine, but now, there are about twenty of these in all different colors.
I actually have signed things with a green Crayola marker before. 

**Ironically, the day I was putting this together (Monday) another blog post was all over my Facebook feed. It's title? Stop Stealing Memes. Right Now.  You see, many bloggers gain a lot of popularity by creating and sharing memes like these. Just as I would be livid if someone took one of my blog posts and tried to post it as their own, the people who create these little tidbits of funny (or advice, or wisdom) get upset when someone steals their words - rightfully so. It's plagiarism and it's wrong. That being said, I have re-shared these memes here leaving their watermarks in tact (the ones that had watermarks) and have, to the best of my knowledge, gotten them from their original sources. 

What has made you laugh lately?

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