Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've created a monster

Not that kind of monster!  This kind of monster . . . 

A couple days ago, my oldest came to me and asked if she could start her own blog like mine.  She frequently reads my blog.  She is also a great, creative writer.  She has written stories and plays many times.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I wasn't really sure what to do.   In the end, I helped her create a little blog through blogspot, but we have kept all the settings very private and she has been instructed that DW or I have to approve anything and everything before she posts it.  She is very excited about it.  In fact, I had a couple things to post yesterday, but couldn't get on my computer because she was using it to type her blog posts!!  She wanted me to show her how to add pictures and tabs - she is really into it for now.  It was almost frustrating the way she followed me around and hounded me to help her.  (Although, I know she gets that from me.  When she has an idea or gets started with something, she just can't let it go.)  

Her first little post was a description of her family.  Here's what she said about me:
"Mommy Witherspoon
Mom is the Queen, or the runner of the house. She is a stay at home mom, and is very loving to everyone in the house, even people outside of the house. She is very organized and neat. She is amazing in what she does, and is my role model."

Rachel is super smart, super compassionate, and super creative.  She can also be super stubborn and negative, so we butt heads from time to time.  I am always reminded of what a very dear and wise friend told me years ago.  As I was telling her about some of my mommy frustrations with Rachel, she casually said, "You know why she gets under your skin like that, right? It is because she is so much like you!"  I realized (and continue to realize) how true that is.  I'm glad that Rachel views me as her role model and I hope I can live up to that honor.  She is already well on her way to being a lot like me and now she has her own blog to prove it!! :)

P.S.  For obvious internet safety reasons, I am not sharing the web address of Rachel's blog and it will not show up on search engines.   However, if you are a personal friend or family member and would like to read it, email me.  For everyone else, sorry - I hope you understand! 

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Ami said...

I think a safe blog like that would be fantastic for kids! And since it's her idea, she'll learn so much about writing, computers, and a million other things.

Dawn said...

My boys are totally uninterested in my blog. But I don't have to share my laptop :-) How special and how intimidating to have someone want to follow in your footsteps!

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