Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Sly One

A quick story to give you a glimpse into Emily's personality . . . . . .

Yesterday, the girls were playing together in the pool.  Rachel invented a game in which she was the cheetah chasing Emily, the zebra.  Then they switched roles and it was Emily's turn to give chase.  With her water wings hindering her speed, she was not having much success.  She got a little water in her mouth and stopped to cough.  Rachel, the ever concerned big sister, came over, put her arms around Emily and asked very kindly, "Are you o.k. Emily?"  What did Emily do?????  She tapped Rachel on both shoulders and announced "Gotcha!"  Just like a real cheetah and zebra, Rachel had been ambushed by a sly little hunter!!!

But she looks so sweet, doesn't she?!?!

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1 comment:

Dawn said...

Fun story! Sounds a lot like one of mine. Good thing they are cute, huh? :-)

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