Friday, July 27, 2012

Emily's new friend

Emily has a new friend.
This is Samantha.  Emily MADE her!!  She spent over an hour in the playroom one day last week tracing, cutting, and decorating with absolutely no help from anyone else.  Emily named her after a very good family friend of ours (their 7 year old daughter is named Samantha.)
Emily even made some accessories for her including a plate of food, a spoon, a bottle, and a diaper (which Samantha wears under her dress).
Emily sleeps with Samantha, carefully placing her to the side of the pillow so as not to roll over and "crunch' her.
Emily plays with Samantha and takes her with us when we go places.
Emily loves Samantha and I love seeing her creativity come out like this.  Samantha has been around for about a week now.  I wonder how much longer she will be with us???

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Martha said...

So cute!!! I just love when kids use their imagination like this!

Your Hubby said...

Our little engineer!!

Dawn said...

Love it!!! And how great that Emily is not invisible. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally sat on one of our "friends" because I didn't know he was there.

Tara said...

it's great! LOVE. Absolutely nothing better than a child's imagingation.

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