Sunday, July 22, 2012

Remember me??

Hey there readers!  It has been over a week since I penned a new blog entry.  Did you miss me??? ;-)

There are two main reasons for my brief hiatus from the blogosphere:

1) Last week was crazy busy!!  We had Vacation Bible School AND swim lessons AND riding lessons AND an orthodontist appointment AND a visit from the fence repairmen AND . . .  well, you get the idea.

2) Since it is summer, my kids are with me ALL THE TIME!!!  As soon as I sit down to think about a blog post, someone needs something or someone starts crying/screaming/fighting or someone asks me a question.  My kids have also managed to completely fry the three - yes, three - older computers they had been given.  Since DW's work computer is strictly off limits, that means mine is the only working computer in the house now.  When they see me sitting in the glow of the screen, they get a twinkle in their eyes and hover with baited breath, just waiting for my fingers to stop clicking so they can have a turn.  This, I assure you, is NOT conducive to writing, my friends.

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that summer, in general, is not conducive to writing.  If we aren't traveling, we are ALL at home together.  With all of us being home, it seems there is more laundry, there are more dirty dishes, and there are more messes.  In short, there is very little quiet time for mom to think or type during summer vacation.  Anyway, just wanted to let all my wonderful readers know that I am still here!!  Over the next month - yes, happy or sad, the kids go back to school in one month - I will try my best to squeak out some new posts as often as possible.  In the meantime, know that I am still here, making a list of blog post ideas for when I do get time to write, and trying to survive  enjoy the remainder of our summer break!!

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Shoes said...

My summer sounds a bit like yours - staying way too busy and a house full of people. My blogging time is suffering too. :-)

Dawn said...

I hear you!!! I'm having the same trouble. I can get an idea, but I can't find the time to write it out enough to make it a real post. I've even taken to dictating posts to myself in my phone while I do housework. Then I still have to find the time to add the pics, etc. I'm hoping that I do a better job come September when they are all in full-day school.

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