Sunday, July 29, 2012

I hope Victoria keeps her secret a little longer!

Yesterday evening, we went out for dinner and, since we were within a nice shopping center, we decided to explore a little.  I just happened to have in the car a coupon I had recently received for Victoria's Secret.  My hubby (who I'm sure had absolutely no ulterior motives whatsoever!) parked and planned to let me go in while he stayed in the car with the girls.  However, the girls had other ideas and were hopping out of the car before we could instruct them otherwise.  I'm sure we were quite a site - a family outing to the underwear store!

In the store, the girls attempted to help me shop, choosing for me a purple bra with rhinestone studs and a neon green & turquoise leopard print bra.  We had a brief discussion about different bra styles and what the sizes meant.  At that point, Megan took great pleasure in finding the size I needed and shouting out for all shoppers to hear.  They also found a display of bras that are supposed to add two cup sizes and got a real kick out of the "super squishy" undergarments.

I'm sure they would have loved this one, too!

The girls were quite fascinated by the bathing suits that "Look just like underwear."  At one point, Emily found a pair of thong panties and asked "What happened to these panties?"  Finally, on the way out, DW had to explain why some of the undies in a sale display by the door said "Let's Party" and "Call Me" spelled out in rhinestones.

With three daughters, I know there are "discussions" we will need to have and I know there will come a day when going to the underwear store is a necessity rather than a family excursion. (Did I really just types that??)  But, if last night was a glimpse into that future, Victoria can keep her secrets to herself for a little while longer!

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Krissy Miller said...

My four year grabbed a thong out of the laundry basket and asked me what it was . . . Uhhh. I think I just pretended I didn't hear him. Ahh! :) funny post!

Dawn said...

You made me laugh :-) Love the visual of all of you walking in to the store. I spend mall time trying to distract my boys from the giant posters in the store windows. I don't want to have to explain stuff to them just yet - and certainly not with a VS model in their heads.

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