Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Supper Before and After

I have posted before about my picky eaters.  I know this fact of life (believe me) and I try very hard to work with it.  However, sometimes, their pickiness is just beyond ridiculous.  For example, last night, I fixed what I would consider a pretty basic family supper - meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some squash (just because I had it in the freezer).  I didn't expect the kids to eat the squash, but everything else was pretty "run of the mill."  Here are the results:

Rachel's plate before

Rachel's plate after.  All she ate was mashed potatoes, obviously. Is she kidding?  She is, after all, the vegetarian, but she eats almost no vegetables!

Megan's plate before

Megan's plate after.  O.K. I can't complain about this one too much.  Wish she had eaten some green beans, but otherwise, she ate well.  Of course, ketchup made everything better.  She is the least picky of the bunch.

Emily's plate before

Emily's plate after.  Yep- it looks exactly the same because she didn't eat one single bite!  She is usually the last one to leave the table because she chats and plays - anything to keep from eating - until everyone is finished and she is left with just her food to keep her company.  Most nights, she can muster up the nerve to take a bite of something, but sometimes, like last night, she seems repulsed and would rather just be hungry.  The only nights she really eats well are when we have spaghetti, pizza, or tacos - you know, all those super healthy meals.

I'm thawing some chicken for supper tonight.  Think I'll have better luck??  I doubt it!!

What are you and your kids having for supper tonight?

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Dawn said...

That's so hard!! We had a lot of leeway until age 4. Then they had to eat at least half of everything on their plate. To get dessert, they had to eat more than half. It became a deal-breaker. But it was never easy. They are much better eaters now. Last night was Sweet and Sour Chicken over rice and broccoli. They did well! Tonight is TV dinners :-) DH is out of town.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks, Dawn! I hope mine will become better eaters with time. :-)

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