Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Memories - They USED to get along

I haven't done a Random Memories post in quite a while, but after the past three days, I desperately needed a reminder that it is actually possible for Rachel and Megan to to be in the same room without fighting and - dare I say - maybe even get along with each other.  I started digging through pictures for this post and found these.

The first one was taken in September 2005 when we lived in Nashville, TN.  The second one was taken a few months later - April 2006, I think.  We were heading out to a live Dora show.  The girls both liked Dora back then and they were excited about going to the show.  See their matching outfits?  It is entirely coincidental that they were wearing them in both pictures.  I really have never dressed them alike very often and that would absolutely NEVER happen now.

In the first one, Rachel is hugging Megan (as opposed to choking her) and they are both smiling.
I love how Megan is looking up to Rachel in the second picture.  It is the epitome of the big sister/little sister relationship - or at least how it should be.  Ahhhh, memories!

Will it ever be this way again??  I hope so, but, after this weekend, I have my doubts! :-(

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1 comment:

Shoes said...

Oh dear! Sorry they are not playing nice and exhibiting loving sister behavior. Those pictures are wicked cute - hold on to those memories and hopefully soon they will be sweet to each other again.

My boys were opposite in their brotherly love. They did not start even really liking each other until about a year and a half ago. They still have their days when I fear leaving them alone in the same room for fear only one will survive but those days are rare.

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