Monday, January 7, 2013

Megan's Resolution

I typically don't make New Year's resolutions.  If I did, they would always be the same - lose a few pounds, read more, take more time for myself.  If they are always the same, I must not be achieving my goals, so I figure there's no point listing a bunch of things I probably won't do - again.  It's a bit cynical, I know, but just being realistic.

While my resolutions would be completely uninteresting and not at all astonishing, DW and I found one this morning that was quite unexpected.  As I've said before, my Megan is always full of surprises  - like when I found this Little Gem while I was cleaning her room a few months ago.  This morning, after the girls were off to school, this is what we found - Megan's New Year's Resolution:
Megan is super smart, but she is a bundle of energy and sometimes bounces from topic to topic like a tennis ball fresh out of the can.  For example, she rarely finishes a book.  She reads a chapter or two, then gets bored and moves on to a new book.  We've talked about her  need to be more focused, but have never called it a "resolution" or, to be honest, given her a clear measurement to gauge it.  She came up with this all by herself.

If her goal is to be more focused, I'd say she is well on her way.  She has a clearly defined goal, clear reasoning regarding why her goal is important, and some ideas about how she is going to do it.  I am guessing the "glittered closepin" (clothespin) is something from school (her teacher uses clothespins on a behavior management chart system), but if that is all it takes to motivate Megan, I'll happily be making some glittered clothespins, too!!!

Gosh, I love this kid!!  She drives me bonkers sometimes (just like they all do), but she makes me smile and I just never know what she is going to say or do next!  

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