Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Little Engineer

 When I wrote Letting Them Spread Their Wings, I mentioned that I look forward to seeing what my girls will be when they are all grown up.  I wonder what careers they will choose.  Currently, Rachel has plans to become a zoologist.  Megan wants to be a teacher.  Emily has only said she wants to be a princess and/or a mommy.  However, I think she will most certainly become some sort of engineer.  She is very creative and frequently comes up with ideas and "inventions."  Then, she figures out how to make them.  A year ago, she was not fond of any sort of fine motor activity - writing, coloring, cutting, etc.  But, my oh my, how that has changed!!  Here are some of her most recent creations:

While I was taking Rachel to D.C., Emily and Megan stayed with my in-laws.  While there, she made this superhero cape and mask.  She said that MawMaw helped her with the strings, but she did the rest of it.  When she wears it, she says she is pink and purple Supergirl.

A couple days ago, after she had been playing in her room alone for a while, she came downstairs and asked specifically for 9 pieces of paper.  When I asked, "Why?" she replied "I'm going to make a dance floor!"  And, that's exactly what she did!  She colored each piece of paper, covered them with clear Contact paper, and taped them to her floor.

Another recent creation is this ticket jar.  At the girls' school, they use a positive behavior reinforcement system in which the children are given tickets when they are "caught" being good.  They write their name on the tickets and drop them in a jar in their classroom.  Periodically, teachers draw tickets from the jars and, if your name is drawn, you get a prize.  Emily asked me for a jar, but when I didn't have one, she quickly went to plan B.  She grabbed this soda bottle out of the recycling bin, peeled off the label, and had her Daddy help her cut off the top.  Then, she cut pieces of paper,  handed out several "tickets" around the house, and placed them in the jar.  Later in the day, she took the lid that had been cut off and taped it back on in a hinge-like manner.  She even decorated the bottle!

Emily got this wooden butterfly as a Christmas gift form some of her aunts and uncles.  Originally, it was white with the heart, flower, etc. shapes outlined in black.  Over 3 days, she spent hours coloring it.  She paid attention to the example, but carefully put her own touches on it.   Now, it hangs proudly in her room.
 This is one of her creations from some time ago.  Again, she used a bottle from the recycling bin and turned it into a person.  She cut strips of paper and taped them on for hair.  Then, drew on a face.

And, remember this post about the new friend Emily made herself last summer?!?!

Finally, in the vein of creativity, here are some of Emily's latest art creations that she has proudly hung on the mantle.

I have to admit that she gets these engineering tendencies from her father - I certainly don't have them.  However, I do like to think that maybe some of the creativeness comes from me.  In any case,  I love how imaginative she is and I love seeing all her creations!  Who know what she will make next!!!

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