Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Tweet or not to Tweet???

I have an unfinished post in my queue contemplating blog popularity vs. compromising the core purpose of my blog.  (It should be finished and posted soon.)  In the meantime, here's a little food for thought.

In researching ways to increase a blog's following, every source of advice recommends using social media.  Well, I have a Facebook page for my blog.  I also pin posts or pictures to my Pinterest page occasionally.  That's about the extent of my social media savvy.

I have been considering starting a Twitter account for my blog, but I have hesitated because I am not familiar with it and I'm not sure I would actually utilize it effectively.  Then, I read this article from one of our local news stations announcing that Justin Bieber has just surpassed Lady GaGa and become the most followed person on Twitter.  Really???????

The article goes on to list the Top Ten most followed people on Twitter and how many followers they each have.  The list is as follows:

1. Justin Bieber — 33.333 million
2. Lady Gaga — 33.329 million
3. Katy Perry — 31.4 million
4. Rihanna — 27.9 million
5. Barack Obama — 26.1 million
6. Britney Spears — 23.3 million
7. Taylor Swift — 23.1 million
8. YouTube — 22.2 million
9. Shakira — 19.3 million
10. Kim Kardashian — 17.2 million
Again, REALLY?!?!?!?  The only person on the list that truly has any effect on the daily lives of American citizens is Barack Obama and I highly doubt that he is actually sitting in the Oval Office tweeting from his iPhone.  #8 isn't even a person!
So, yeah - If Bieber and Gaga are #1 and #2 (and considering that Kim Kardashian rounds out this stellar top ten list), I'm not sure that Twitter is a bandwagon I want to jump on.  Then again, if 33+ million people have time and interest enough to "follow" an 18 year old pop star with baggy pants and shaggy hair, surely at least a few people would follow The Golden Spoons, right??
What about you??  Do you tweet on Twitter??  Have you found it to be effective/helpful??  More importantly, are you one of Bieber's 33.333 million followers????? 


Robin Kramer said...

Well, I can report that I'm not one of Justin Bieber's followers. (Incidentally, he's not following me, either, so we're even.)

I am on Twitter, but it's not a natural part of my day. I don't own a smart phone, nor do I plan to own one in the foreseeable future, which means that I'm only online when I sit down at the computer.

I do tweet, but rarely, especially when compared with others on Twitter. (I tweet solely to share blog posts and status updates that are pithy enough to make the 140-character limit.)

I always aim to focus on what's important and where God is calling me, and it keeps coming down to this: my real life and real relationships are important, so that's where my focus lies. Not that Twitter is bad, but just like any social media, it potentially could draw our attention away from our "real" lives.

Always a balance to consider, isn't it?

Martha said...

Drat! I left a long comment on this post yesterday, but I must have hit close instead of publish!

I've been having this same discussion about my blog (with myself, sadly, since no one else is interested!). I'm not on facebook or twitter but I do want to increase my blog traffic. I joined BlogHer and even submitted posts for publishing - and four articles of my have been published, but none were lucky enough to be chosen for "syndication" which is when you get paid! I'm not sure if being on Blogher has greatly increased by traffic. I'm sure it hasn't hurt, but the main Blogher Website isn't necessary friendly to finding new blogs to read. I've had more success with Top Mommy Blogs. I'd say that was my second source of blog hits after google search.

Do you feel that having a facebook page for you blog has brought you more traffic? I'm eager to hear.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks, Martha! I do thin my Facebook page helps. I have twice as many followers on FB as I do on the on the actual blog. Many of those are friends who are not bloggers. It also is a great way to share - when I post a blog link, I share it on my personal page, my hubby share it, and occasionally a friend will share as well. In that way, it certainly increases my traffic/pageviews.

I am on Top Mommy Blogs, but got tired of begging for votes so my rating has slipped significantly. I have not done BlogHer, but might look into it. I have also been seeing many blogs with a Circle of Moms logo, I want to look into that as well.

Let me know if you set up a FB page - I'll follow you! :-)

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks Robin! I love your point about not losing sight of the REAL people in our REAL lives!

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