Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time Well Wasted

Today was our last day of Christmas vacation.  Tomorrow it will be back to school, back to early morning wake-ups, back to homework and extracurriculars, back to  busy routines.  I think I would classify our Christmas vacation time as time well wasted.  We didn't do much of any thing super exciting.

Of course, we had the usual Christmas festivities and it was wonderful to spend that time with extended family.  Otherwise, our days were lazy and uneventful.  Many days we stayed in our pajamas until noon.  A few days we never even left the house!  Now, there were moments of "excitement" - like when Emily got her fingers smashed in the minivan door; or when I had to take Megan back to the doctor to find out that the antibiotics hadn't cleared her pre-Christmas ear infection that has now turned into to double ear infections; or taking Rachel shopping (the horror!!!); or when we talked DW into taking all of us to a movie.  But, overall the past 12 days have been blissfully uninteresting; wonderfully boring; and fantastically mundane.  We have all been more relaxed and the kids have actually gotten along with each other for the most part.

Tomorrow we'll be back to reality and our days will be filled with busyness once again.  I am so thankful that we had these past 12 lazy days of free time and I am glad that we were able to "waste that time wisely" together as a family.


Robin Kramer said...

Wasting time wisely is a wonderful, wonderful thing to do. I hope your journey back into the real world pace is a seamless one!

Martha said...

Sounds WONDERFUL. We had a similar vacation and I miss it terribly already. My kids went back to school today. That 6:30 wake-up call didn't go over well with anybody!

Good luck tomorrow

Shoes said...

Your winter break sounds a lot like ours. Hanging out in our pjs and spending time together. :-) May your return to routine go smoothly.

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