Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Like the Old Days

Last year, I posted about how Emily and I got to spend some Mama and Emmy time together every Friday - the one day of the week she didn't go to preschool.  This year, of course, she started kindergarten making Mama and Emmy time something very rare.  Most days, I enjoy a little time of solitude while the girls are at school.  I am able to work through my to-do list at a fairly leisurely pace.  I can run errands without little feet going at Emily Speed slowing me down.

However, Emily had the stomach bug over the weekend. Fortunately, by some stroke of wonderful luck, nobody else caught it.  She was pretty pitiful, though.

Emily sleeping on the couch about 10:30 am on Saturday.
By Monday, she was better, but still in that post-stomach-bug-no-energy-no-appetite state of recovery, so I kept her home from school.  She slept in, but woke up hungry.  Realizing that her sisters were at school and that she had Mommy all to herself was, I think, the best medicine she could have possibly gotten.  It was just like the old days of Mama and Emmy time.  She wanted me to sit and watch Tangled, her all-time most favorite movie ever, with her.  Then, she helped me do laundry and I pushed her on the swing for a while.  After a little lunch, we ran some errands, too.  I didn't move through my tasks quite as quickly that day, but it sure was a lot sweeter to walk through the stores with her little hand in mine.  And, it sure was more fun to look in my rearview mirror and see this supercool little Rapunzel smiling back at me!

You know, I didn't even realize how much I missed that Mama and Emmy time (or Mama and Megan time or Mama and Rachel time) before Monday.  No matter what we do, time marches on and I try to embrace the progress.  As Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened!"  But sometimes, it feels really good to re-live the good 'ol days!!!

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Martha said...

I really enjoyed this post - I love my days with just one child. And I miss my Josie-mommy days of preschool and half-day kindergarten.

And I love the purple princess dress with the diva sunglasses!

Shoes said...

This is a great post! I enjoy having the me time (three hours, four days a week) while both boys are in school but when Carter starts kindergarten this fall it will be strange. I know I will be busy with my own schooling but I see the time, the time I get to spend with them especially the one on one time, slipping through my fingers.

I am sorry your little Rapunzel was sick but I am glad you both got to enjoy each others company.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Having her in kindergarten has definitely been an adjustment for both of us. I hate it when they are sick, of course, but I'm glad we had that day!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks, Martha!

AnnMarie said...

I love that Dr. Seuss quote! I know I am going to feel the same way when Gia goes to school. We are so used to having all this time together that I'm going to be sad when it doesn't happen as often. She is adorable in that Rapunzel dress!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks AnnMarie! That is my favorite quote ever!

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