Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Must be doing something right - Good Deeds

My girls are good kids.  That's a pretty simple statement, but sometimes I get so caught up in the minutia of life that I forget it.  I get tired of nagging them about picking up their clothes and shoes.  I get tired of refereeing their arguments.  I get tired of the complaints and whining.  I get tired and I forget to step back and look at the WHOLE picture of who they are.  Sometimes, though, they remind me without even realizing it - without even meaning to.  They've reminded me lately just how special they are through some good deeds they have done for others.

A couple weeks ago, the Book Fair was at their elementary school.  I volunteered one day and bought all the girls a few books.  They were having a special promotion in which each teacher could submit the names of a few students from his/her class who had been "caught reading."  They would draw out two students who would each be given a $5 gift certificate to the Book Fair.  Megan's name was put in the drawing.  Now let it be known that Megan is quite possibly the luckiest kid I've ever met.  She frequently finds money in the parking lot and, if her name is in a drawing, more often than not, she wins.  So, when I went back the next day to volunteer again, I was not surprised when Megan came in and told me they had drawn her name that morning.  I was, however, surprised by her answer when I asked "Well, what did you get with your $5?"  Turns out one of her friends told Megan that her parents couldn't give her any money for the book fair.  "Since you already bought me some books," she said "I decided to use the gift certificate to buy a book for my friend!"  Be still my mommy heart!  She said it with joy, but also as if it was also no big deal; as if it was a no-brainer.

A few days ago, I ran out to do some errands and came back to find Rachel hard at work on an art project.  I asked what she was creating and she informed me that she was making something for our neighbor, an older lady who lives alone.  "What made you decide to do that?" I asked.  "Well, while you were gone I took her garbage cans back up to her house for her and I just thought it would be nice to make something for her, too!"  Pretty soon, Emily got in on the action, as well.  She made a card and got a bag to "wrap" the gift in.  Once it was all complete, the two of them could not wait to head across the street and give the gift to our neighbor.  They skipped over and then skipped back home with huge smiles on their faces the whole time.

I love it when my kids give me these little glimpses into the human beings they are becoming - because the people they are becoming are pretty spectacular.  Truthfully, it is also a big confidence booster for me, too, because moments like these prove DW and I must be doing something right as their parents.  They aren't perfect and neither am I.  But, like I said, they are good girls and I am happy to take a little bit of credit for that! :-)

So how about you??  What cool things have your kids done lately??

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AnnMarie said...

I forget sometimes that my kids are good kids. I get so frustrated with the everyday fights and hassles that I forget about the big picture. I was just recently told by a parent that she saw my teen at the health club and he went out of his way to coach some of the little kids in basketball. That made my mommy heart want to burst with pride. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve it!

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