Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Ten - If I Had a Million Dollars . . .

Recently, someone won the Mega Millions Lottery for a whopping $595 million dollars.  If they take a one time pay out, they will get over $375 million after taxes.  That's a lot of money!!!  and, the last I heard, nobody had claimed the ticket yet!

Now, I know that money isn't everything and I am blessed beyond measure with more than any amount of money could ever buy.  I have three beautiful kids, a wonderful hubby, a more than adequate roof over my head, and plenty of food on my table.  We have everything we need and then some.

Sometimes, though, it is fun to pretend.  All this lottery news was swirling when I was trying to decide on my topic for this Tuesday Ten, so here it is - Ten Things I would do if I won the lottery and "Had a Million Dollars":

The Golden Spoons
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1.  College funds - According to the US Department of Public Education, the average annual tuition at a public institution is $15,000 per year.  At a private institution??  How about $32,9000 per year!  They also say there is more student loan debt in the US than there is credit card debt with many students graduating from college with up to $50,000 in debt before they ever earn a "career" paycheck.  I want to make sure my girls are able to get a good college education and I hope they don't have to accrue so much debt to get it.  So, if I won the lottery, one of the first things I would do is set aside plenty of cash to put all three of them through college.
2.  Renovations - We live in the house where my hubby grew up.  When my in-laws "down-sized" we bought this house from them and it really is a great house.  However, it was built in the 70's and could use some updating.  So, if I won the lottery, I would call these guys:
I would have them start in the master bathroom, then do the kitchen, and, then, remove all the paneling in the house.
3.  Give to Charity - I would absolutely give a good chunk of the money to charity.  I'm not sure which charity, but I would talk with my family to find the one(s) that mean the most to us and use some of my new-found wealth to help others.
4. Travel - Two weeks ago, my Tuesday Ten was all about places I want to visit.  If I won the lottery, I would starting crossing stuff off that list with the whole family in tow!
5.  Invest/Save -   O.K.  I know that sounds boring, but any amount of money would run out eventually.  Unless, of course, you invest it wisely.  I know little to nothing about stocks, etc. but I would consult with someone who does and figure out what I needed to do to make sure that lottery winning would sustain me for a very long time.
6.  Wedding Funds -   I have three daughters.  I've watched "Say Yes To The Dress."  My girls even have autographed pictures from Randy Fenoli.  I'm in trouble.  Unless I win the lottery . . . 
7.  Shopping - I love to go shopping, but like most moms, I always look at the price tag and feel guilty - especially when I buy things for myself or things we don't really need.  If I won the lottery, I would go shopping and I wouldn't look at those price tags.  I'd buy myself this:

Coach - $398 (http://bit.ly/11rmm06)

and some expensive shoes and some jeans that cost a fortune, but actually fit!
8.  A Private Plane - Well, it would take more than a million dollars, but if I won the big lottery, I'd buy my hubby a plane with a personal pilot on standby.  He travels for work a lot, and, even if we struck it rich, he would still work.  He loves his job and would go stir crazy with nothing to do.  Having a plane, however, would make his traveling mush easier (obviously!) and he could fly whenever he wants to. 
9.  Hire A Private Chef - I actually like to cook.  However, planning menus, grocery shopping, packing lunches, and cooking meals that nobody likes gets really, really old.  If I could afford it, I would hire someone to do all that stuff.  I would let them have holidays and weekends off, so I would still be able to enjoy cooking when it's convenient, but wouldn't have the stress of the constant "What's for dinner?"
10.  Hire a Personal Fashion Designer for my girls and me - I'm not stylish.  Every time I try, I think I look ridiculous.  I would love to have a personal designer/shopper who could help me put together outfits that actually are stylish AND look good.  Since I would have that person on retainer, I would also instruct him/her to design a line of clothes for my girls that are actually age appropriate.  No neon colors that hurt my eyes.  No super short shorts.  Clothes that my girls would actually like that I could live with, too!

I asked my girls to name 2 things they would do if we won the lottery.  Here are there answers:
Rachel: Buy a horse and go on an African safari
Megan: Buy a horse farm and rescue all the animals
Emily: Buy a private jet and buy a hot tub

So, what would you do if you won the lottery???

Next Week's Topic:  Ten Thing I'm Looking Forward To This Summer



mrs_karenC said...

great list babe, I am all about investing if I win too. I want to make sure my son never has to worry about a retirement fund when he is older. Then I'd adopt a bunch of dogs!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Ha! My girls and i would adopt a bunch of animals, too, but the hubs might object! :-)

httpiamthemilkwordpresscom said...

I love that topic! I'm with you on the private chef and plane and come to think of it, everything else too!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Thanks! :-)

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