Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At least they aren't vampires . . .

Saturday, we spent almost the whole day opening the pool, spreading mulch, pulling weeds, and getting ready for summer.  By that evening, I was way too worn out to cook, so we headed out and grabbed dinner.  After all, it was Cinco de Mayo!  While we were out, DW's mom called to let us know the power was out in our neighborhood, so we meandered a little longer stopping at a couple stores.  Finally, we headed home much later than we should have.  When we got there, the power was still not on.

Since it was time for the girls to go straight to bed, this shouldn't have been a big problem, right??  Well, have I ever mentioned that my girls all sleep with night lights??  Not just one, but two EACH!  They each have a battery-operated light that changes colors and is filled with these water "beads".  Of course, those still worked.  However, Rachel also has a neon green lava lamp that I truly believe scientists could use to replace the sun if that was ever necessary.  Emily sleeps with her closet light on and Megan has a second, plug-in light.  When the girls realized their electric lights were not going to happen, they freaked out!!  I'm talking tears, screaming, then more screaming and more tears!  It probably didn't help that they were overtired.  My retort of "When you close your eyes it's going to be dark anyway!" was also not helpful (go figure!).  They begged to sleep together which I knew would just further the chaos, so I refused.

Megan was actually the calmest one of the bunch.  She had her one light and I gave her my iPod (because she also listens to music as she goes to sleep).  This was enough for her.  Rachel and Emily, on the other hand, were inconsolable.  After I put them to bed upstairs and left them both still crying, I heard Emily "tiptoe" into Rachel's room.  Later, when I went to check on them, they were huddled together as if they were awaiting the end of the world, but they were asleep.  (It was actually kind of cute, but I can't tell them since they were disobeying my rule!)

After the initial panic attacks, they all settled in and got a good night's sleep.  The power came on a few hours later and we all got a not-so-gentle reminder of just how dependent we are on electricity.  Oh well - at least we know the girls aren't vampires!!!

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Lissie said...

We did construction a year ago to do over a whole new room for my girls. Up until that point, the kids had all shared a large room with two sets of bunk beds (one set for the boys and one for the girls). After the room was done over, we moved the girls' bunks into their room. Unfortunately, we can't actually get them to sleep in there. They're terrified. So now we have four kids sleeping in one set of bunks and a very expensive new room that only gets used to play in. They're all nuts, but they sleep and that's all that matters!

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