Thursday, July 24, 2014

Growing Together With Raising Humans

I have been asked before in a couple Ask Away Friday posts to identify the oldest unfinished post in my draft folder.  It's title was "An Update on the Blankie Situation."  I once wrote about my youngest daughter's attachment to her blankies, my attempt to thwart her need for them, and promised an update.  That was in 2011 and I never wrote the update.  Until now . . . . 

This week, I am taking a break from the ThrowBack Thursday Blog Reruns I have been doing during the month of July because I am guest posting today at Raising Humans

I found Tricia and her blog not too long ago and, then, was lucky enough to meet her at BlogU back in June. 

Tricia is an amazing writer and her words are simply beautiful. She has a way of sharing insight into motherhood and mothering that is so eloquent and graceful. She honestly inspires me to be a better writer every time I read her words. 

So, as you can imagine, I was quite honored when Tricia invited me to be part of her Growing Together Series where bloggers share about how they are growing as parents and as people. I have closed comments here today, but I hope you will click HERE  to head over to Raising Humans and read my piece about why my not-so-little youngest daughter still has her beloved blankie and why I still let her keep it. (I will be reading and responding to comments over there.) Then, do yourself a favor and mosey around the rest of Tricia's blog a little.  You will not regret it - I promise!

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