Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Perfect Day - Tuesday Ten Linkup

When I first sat down to write this post, I thought about a fantasy perfect day.  You know, the one where I find out I won the lottery while sitting on a beautiful beach sipping a pina colada as the sun glistens off my super model-esque physique.  As I pictured this day in my mind - and it was lovely - I realized there was something missing.  The perfectness of the day just wasn't quite complete.  Why?  Because the fantasy didn't involve my family.  Now, trust me, I could use a day away on a beautiful beach without my kids and/or a pina colada once in a while.  However, I decided to take this post in a slightly more realistic direction.

Now, I assure you , I am not delusional and I realize that the likelihood of ALL these things happening on the same day is pretty much nonexistent.  But, we are supposed to be thinking about a perfect day.   And, if my day went like this, it couldn't be much more perfect!

  • First, I would have to wake up feeling refreshed, well-rested, and happy.  This rarely happens.  For starters, I'm not a morning person.  Plus, I need my sleep and if I don't get a good 8 hours on a regular basis then look out!  Most nights I get a about 6-7 hours.  I usually get up at 5:30am on weekdays and, like I said, mornings and I do not get along.
  • Secondly, my children would have to wake up on their own refreshed, well-rested, and happy.  All three of them have alarms clocks, but honestly I'm not sure why.  I don't think they have ever woken up when their alarm clocks went off.  I have to go around and wake them up myself.  Since I'm not a morning person and they are, obviously, not morning people, this is not a good combination.  I wouldn't know what to do if they all woke up themselves!
  • Third, there would be no arguments over wardrobe.  We have tried picking out clothes the night before and I have mostly given up on them wearing cohesive outfits.  But, it seems everyday at a least one of them complains about something being too small, too itchy, not clean, or too hot. (I swear my kids would wear shorts and tank tops year-round if I let them.)  My youngest doesn't complain too much, but that's because I pretty much dress her like a rag doll each morning and, by the time she is awake enough to care, it's too late to change. (See #2)  Honestly, I should probably include myself in this one, too.  When I get dressed on the perfect day, my clothes would fit just perfectly and be extremely stylish.
  • Fourth, everyone would get out the door calmly and on time.  Nobody would remember something they need to get at the last minute.  There would be no misplaced socks, shoes, or coats.  I would not have to say, "Hurry up" fifty bajillion times.  It would all just flow so smoothly that we might even be early!
  • Fifth, I would have the time and energy to accomplish everything on my to-do list during the day.  No matter what was on the list - laundry, dishes, errands, blogging, phone calls, work stuff, cleaning - it would ALL get done.  If it was really, really perfect, it would all get done with a little time to spare so I could have a few minutes of down time before picking up the kids.  (This might be possible if I combined this perfect day fantasy with my Tuesday Ten Superpowers list from a couple weeks ago!  I could use my cleaning wand and complete tasks with super speed.) 
  •  Sixth, it would be a day of no homework.  No sixth grade math or projects.  No spelling words.  No addition flash cards.  Just a relaxed, carefree afternoon.
  • Seventh, in order for the afternoon to be relaxed and carefree, the weather would need to cooperate.  It would need to be sunny and not too hot or too cold.  The kids could play outside and I could take an afternoon stroll.  Perfect.
  • Eighth, no matter what I prepare for supper, it would turn out to be absolutely delicious and everyone would clean their plates without a single complaint.  (It would also be helpful if the dishes washed themselves, but if everyone actually ate without complaining, I would be on such euphoric high, I probably wouldn't even mind doing them myself!)
  • Ninth, bathtime and bedtime would go smoothly.  For some reason, my kids always whine about taking baths/showers.  I really don't know what they have against being clean.  When bedtime rolls around, they are master stallers.  Even though they are all capable of brushing their teeth and prepping for bed by themselves, I still have to walk them through every. single. step.  What should take about 20 minutes usually ends up taking closer to 45 and, by the end, I am frustrated and exhausted.  Then, when I think it's all finally done and everyone is settled, inevitably someone gets out of bed for a drink of water or a sudden ailment that needs immediate attention.
  • Finally, tenth, everyone needs to sleep soundly and  peacefully through the night so that we can all start over again with #1 the next day! 

So how about you?  What would happen on your perfect day??  Leave a comment or link up!

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  1. Your day sounds like heaven and where I can I sign up for one of these days! Seriously though I am so with you on needing sleep and not being a morning person at all here. Lily is like me on this, while Emma is more like Kevin. I truly make those two hang out while I get my bearings in the morning, because they are too happy for my taste first thing int he morning, lol!! :)

  2. My middle one used to be a morning person and is usually cheery. However, lately, even she has been grumpy! Mornings are tough.

  3. Our bedtimes sound very similar to yours! I don't know why my kids are so resistant to taking a bath or a shower! They are also master stallers when it comes to going to bed. But once the lights go out, they are very good about staying in bed. :)

  4. I started my list the same way you did - waking up feeling rested and refreshed would be a great start to a perfect day. Didn't happen this morning .... but there's always that hope that the perfect day will arrive and happen in the very near future. Hope it does for you, too. :D

  5. Sounds perfect, Lisa! And very realistic for the most part. Of course, all those things happening on the same day is probably not likely. If it does happen, you should play the lottery!!

  6. Teresa Danner KanderFebruary 25, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    Definitely sounds perfect. When I had three kids at home, and in school, I generally had the OPPOSITE of those days! LOL

  7. That does sound like a wonderful day! The other morning my daughter's alarm clock went off for like ten minutes before one of her brothers got out of bed and turned it off for her. And guess what, I linked up this time!!

  8. Sounds like pure bliss to me. Especially the no homework part - I think I hate it more than the kids do. Ok, maybe not - but almost.

  9. Yup, sure sounds perfect to me...hasn't happened over here yet, but hey, it's something to strive for!

  10. I bet this will happen for you! I hope so.
    I'm not a morning person at all. I've tried to make myself into one for years but high school and college were disasters. After college I took a job for four years and the hours were 11:00am - 8:00pm. I'd have late dinners but I'd wake up at 9:00 or so every morning. And I never, ever got sick. There's a connection there with sleep.
    And we are late every morning and it's a disaster trying to find hairbrushes, snow boots and socks that fit.

  11. Sounds like a super day to me! My favorite part would be the waking up with no alarm and still making it out the door on time - that would never happen here (the waking without an alarm) but it sure would be nice.

  12. What do they have against being clean??? I'm glad yours stay in bed. My middle one is terrible about getting out of bed for random things.

  13. Thanks Marcia! I know at least three of us started that way. Kind of scary/sad that we are all so tired!

  14. Oh, if it ever does happen all on the same day I will definitely be playing the lottery!

  15. Yes - most days are anything but relaxed and cooperative. We can dream, though! :-)

  16. Yay!! So glad you linked up - can't wait to read it!

  17. I definitely hate the homework at leaf as much as they do. They are outside playing right now and I need to make them come in an do homework, but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. I'll probably regret it later!

  18. Never happened here either - at least not all on the same day. Definitely something to strive for, though!

  19. Mornings are tough enough even if you are a morning person. Thing is, I'm not a late night person, either. By 9:00 I am DONE! Maybe if I got more rest I could at least be one or the other!

  20. My alarm clock is my enemy! I wish I could ignore it like my kids do, but that would definitely get the day off to an even worse start!

  21. Ahhhh! Right?? It would be Heaven. Maybe someday . . . . (doubt it!)

  22. Ugh!!! Those days are the worst!! Just now getting to this comment, but I certainly hope Tucker is feeling better and that you haven't caught it!


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