Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's in Your Freezer? {#TuesdayTen}

I was going to vlog this post. Really, I was. I even videoed myself on my phone talking about all the cool stuff (Ha! Get it?) in my freezer. So, why is there no vlog in this post? There are 4 reasons:
  • Technical difficulties
  • Lack of Time
  • A nose that is just stuffy enough to be annoying (Maybe allergies? Maybe a cold?)
  • To be perfectly honest - lack of motivation. After the technical difficulties, I just gave up.
Anyway, did you know that March is National Frozen Foods Month? Well, according to The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association, it is. Personally, I didn't know either of those existed (the month OR the association), but it seemed like a fun thing to do for Tuesday Ten since, in the past, we have shared what's in our purses, what's in our closets, what's in our cars, and what's in our refrigerators.

Coincidentally, did you know that March was also Credit Education Month, Nutrition Month, Craft Month, Cheerleading Safety Month, International Ideas Month, Caffeine Awareness Month, Women's History Month, and Umbrella Month? Maybe next March we'll make a list of craft fails. And, Caffeine, believe me - I'm aware of you. Oh, so very aware!  

So, here's what's in my freezer! 

A few months ago, we go a new refrigerator that has one of those giant freezer drawers on the bottom. Before, we had a side by side and this drawer thing took a little getting used to! 
  1. The Veggie section - My oldest daughter is a vegetarian and those green boxes are all of her Morningstar Farms meat substitute items such as corndogs, "chicken" patties, and pizzas.
  2. French Fries - They are on the menu this week.
  3. Garlic Bread - WE have pasta for dinner at least once a week and we always have garlic bread with it. 
  4. Breakfast Pork - Bacon. The white box is sausage. When my hubby is home, he needs a manly breakfast (At least he thinks he does) and cold cereal just won't do.
  5. Junk my picky kids eat for breakfast. I promise I've tried to feed them eggs, bananas, yogurt, and other healthy stuff. However, I got to a point in which I figured it was better for them to eat junk than to eat nothing.
  6. Ice cream - My family members are ice cream-aholics. Seriously. If there's no ice cream in the freezer, they act as if the refrigerator and pantry are all completely bare and go into some sort of grumpy withdrawal. In fairness, though, one of those cartons is almost empty and I bought the other three because they were on sale this weekend!
  7. Frozen yogurt - I try to avoid the calories in the real ice cream, so I keep a little sweet treat on hand for myself for the times when my family's ice cream habit makes me crave some, too.
  8. Coffee - This is the "emergency" stash. I like flavored coffee that barely tastes like coffee at all, but my husband likes the strong stuff and he drinks it black. To accommodate our differing tastes, we have a Keurig so we can each brew a cup of our own. On occasion we have run our of K-cups, though. So, we have one of the gadgets that allows you to brew your own coffee in the Keurig and we always keep some coffee (and creamer) on hand.
  9. Ice packs - You know, the little doohickeys you can freeze and refreeze for lunch boxes, coolers, etc.? That's what these are, but I rarely use them.
  10. Lean Cuisine - I keep a couple of these in the freezer for a quick lunch. 
We actually have a second freezer in the basement. We order from a local food service called Southern Foods. Every six months, I order enough frozen chicken breasts, ground beef, steaks, and pork chops (plus a few other convenience items) to get us through until the next order. The food is all organic and hormone free. Plus, it is super convenient to have a freezer full of meat to grab instead of running to the grocery store all the time. 

So, what's in your freezer?

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