Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If I Got My Way . . . . {#TuesdayTen Linkup}

How many times have you a seen child, your own or someone else's, throw a temper tantrum because they didn't get their way? Maybe it was in Target because Daddy wouldn't buy them that toy or maybe it was on the playground when Mommy said it was time to go. Perhaps you've even seen an adult throw their own version of a tantrum when they were not pleased with the way a situation turned out. Most of the time, those tantrums don't fix anything, but what if they did?

It just so happens that today is My Way Day, one of those odd, made up holidays. Inspired by the phrase "It's my way or the highway," My Way Day is supposedly a day when you can whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want! 

So, what if I got my way for a day? Here are 10 things that would happen for sure and I wouldn't even have to lie down in the floor kicking and screaming!!! 
  1. Everyone in my family would eat everything I pack in their lunchbox and/or put on the table for supper without one word of complaining or whining. 
  2. My three daughters would get along for the entire day. No fighting; no bickering! 
  3. Chocolate and pizza would have no calories.
  4. There would be a few more hours each day so I could get more things done or get more sleep. 
  5. Teachers would not assign my children homework. Ever.
  6. I would have the body I had before I had kids, only I wouldn't think it was as fat as I thought it was then because now I know better! 
  7. Someone else would do all the cleaning including laundry, dishes, vacuuming, mopping, and dusting without even being asked.
  8. Of course, it would also be the day that I had a blog post to go completely viral scoring me millions of followers and a guest appearance on all the big talk shows.
  9. Also on the day when I always got my way, I would go shopping. Everything I wanted to buy would be on sale and fit perfectly!
  10. In order to make all that shopping possible, it would, of course, have to be the day I win the lottery, too!!! 

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The Golden Spoons


Janine Huldie said...

This so could have been my own list! Seriously, you didn't miss a beat and no wonder why we do get along and are friends 😉

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Wouldn't it make for a wonderful day!?!?!?

Dana said...

I had no calorie chocolate on my list too! Great minds think alike. I completely forgot about my kids eating without complaint - that's a great one!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Great minds for sure! :-)

Chris Carter said...

AH!!! BRILLIANT Lisa!!! I would pick the EXACT same things!!!! BUT... I would have the location be on a TROPICAL ISLAND!!! (That we won a trip to for TWO WEEKS without the kids who are safe at home with two AMAZING nannies that came with the deal.) :)

Eli J. Pacheco said...

Mine would involve a round of disc golf, pizza for lunch with stellar company (I'd even share a cookie), a nap, comfy space to write blog stuff and nothing else, and did I mention pizza? And maybe Ingrid Michaelson leaving me a swoony blog comment would be the best way for me to wind the day down. With graham crackers.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Ahhhhh! That sounds lovely!!!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I'm not much of a napper and I've never played disc golf, but the rest of that sounds completely delightful!

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