Monday, December 21, 2015

Year in Review 2015

I have a tradition here on the blog of reviewing the year every December. I like to take a look back at what posts resonated with readers, what old posts continue to get attention, and which ones meant the most to me. 

So, basically, this post is going to be a post full of links to older posts. Maybe you will remember some or discover some you missed. Maybe you just completely mentally checked out from reading the rest and that's ok, too. (If so, just skip to the bottom for a little message from me!)

(Last week, I also looked back at the resolutions I made for 2015 to see how I did!)

These are the posts published in 2015 that received the most views:
  1. The most viewed post was my Summer Bucket List! I did this one in May as part of the Tuesday Ten linkup.
  2. Teaching Children about Compassion was my second most viewed post. I wrote this one as a part of the #1000Speak blogger movement that was aimed at bringing a little compassion and kindness to the world.
  3. Third on the list is the final One Word Challenge post in which I announced that it would become a regular linkup. I was so glad to see others excited about participating.
  4. Next, was I Will Laugh With Them, a post I wrote about taking time to embrace special moments, let go, and laugh a little.
  5. The Convoluted Emotions of Motherhood, is the post that comes fifth on the list. I guess lots of parents can relate! 
  6. Because of my past experience as a teacher, Child Abuse Awareness is something important to me, so I;m glad my post from April on that topic made it on this list, too! 
  7. In Forgotten, Ridiculous, Elusive Balance, I reflected on what it really means ti live a "balanced" life. Apparently, this is another topic that "speaks" to people.
  8. Sometimes, I am surprised by the posts that end up on this list. A Fly On the Wall: A Currently Post was a Tuesday Ten post I threw together when I couldn't think of anything else! (Hint: It's going to become a regular thing in 2016!)
  9. Dear Daughters, I Remember was a sentimental One Word Challenge post inspired by  the word "Remember."
  10. Mysteries of Motherhood finishes out this top ten list. Apparently, many of us are still trying to figure out where in the heck all the missing socks have gone! 
The numbers don't always reflect the posts that were actually my personal favorites. Other than the most viewed ones listed above, these are some of my favorites from 2015.

Of course, the longer blog posts exist on the internet, the more time they have to accrue views. These are the five posts that have received the most all time views on blog.
  1. Thanks to Pinterest, this White Chicken Chili recipe (published January, 2014) is, by far, the most viewed blog post I have ever published. 
  2. My personal all time favorite, Lessons I Want To Teach My Daughters (Published April, 2011), continues to hole the #2 spot. 
  3. Another recipe, Crock Pot Ham, Potatoes, and Green Beans (published Sept. 2013) comes in at number three. 
  4. I guess folks like recipes, becasue another one, Easy Stromboli (published May, 2014) is at #4.
  5. Ending the list at #5 is this Letter To My Daughter Upon Entering Middle School (published august, 2013).
Some other Highlights from the year:
  • After several failed attempts, I was finally accepted and had Does Being a Stay At Home Mom Make Me a Good Example for My Daughters followed by seven additional posts published there and opportunity for that to continue.
  • I was also published on Scary Mommy, Scary Mommy's Club Mid, and Ten to Twenty Parenting.
  • I continued the Tuesday Ten Weekly Linkup with my co-host Rabia and turned the One Word challenge into a weekly link up as well with my co-host Janine. (Both have been awesome, but a lot of work and participation has dwindled, so both will be monthly in 2016.)
Last, but certainly not least, I want to send a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who has stopped by and read my blog during the past year. Your comments and support mean the world to me!!

I'm taking the rest of 2015 off from blogging. I hope to use the time to do a little blog planning for 2016, but you won't see any new posts here or much of me on social media until after the new year. 

I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday!!!!!

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